As a continuation of the Z legacy, the all-new 2023 Nissan Z incorporates prized lines and the most advanced systems produced. This model a mere extension of that enduring Z sports-car lineage for all to savor in Kenosha, WI.

At Kenosha Nissan, we’re so excited by the coming arrival of Nissan Z that details known must be conveyed.

2023 Nissan Z – The Details Known, So Far

How could a brand forgo once proven contours and performance values spanning certain models?

This question has an answer in the all-new, 2023 Nissan Z.

Leaning on past designs that made previous iterations of Z models so demanded, Nissan Z is a complete confluence of the past and latest. That sense of the iconic too important to ignore outside Chicagoland.

As it stands, the following key details are expected to encompass Nissan Z:

  • A 3L, six-cylinder engine will offer up 400 hp.
  • Six-speed manual transmission enhances initial shifting for more power past Greater Chicago.
  • The famed long hood is met by that other Z characteristic of a short deck reminiscent of 240Z.
  • Cockpit offers a GT-R®-inspired steering wheel and digital driver instrumentation.
  • Turbo boost, turbine speed and voltage have their own pods angled towards driver.
  • Seating offers leather and ventilation.
  • The 9-inch, touchscreen display will harbor all integrated Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ applications.
  • Available NissanConnect® services keep you in the communications loop.
  • Driver-assist features comprise automatic emergency braking, blind-spot warning and lane-departure alerting - to name a few functions.

Kenosha Nissan – Presenting the All-New, 2023 Nissan Z to Savor Throughout Greater Chicago

Our Chicagoland clients are strongly encouraged to contact our Nissan sales team for updated information or to pre-order Nissan Z.

With delivery soon expected, demand will likely by high and rather exciting.

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