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Kenosha Nissan is Your Lease Return Resource in Kenosha, WI

It's not hard to get behind the benefits of a good vehicle lease. A great new car with a lower price than you'll get with a loan? There's a lot to love in that! Because of that, each year our Kenosha dealership helps hundreds of customers lease a new Nissan. But, like all things, each lease comes to an end, and that ending comes with decisions. You'll have to decide how to handle your lease return process. Luckily, Kenosha, WI drivers don't have to go it alone.

You'll want a reputable Nissan dealership near Kenosha to return your vehicle. It doesn't matter if you purchased it at a Nissan dealership in Libertyville or a Nissan dealership in Gurnee. The team at Kenosha Nissan can help to navigate your options and connect you to a lease-end solution that best suits your needs. We are here for you!

Explore Your Nissan Lease-End Options in Kenosha, WI

When the time comes to close out your lease, you'll have several different ways to resolve it. These include:

  • Returning Your Leased Vehicle. The fun times you had with your leased Nissan were great, but you're ready to move on from it and say "goodbye." Our dealership can help you schedule a lease-end inspection. We can likewise help you navigate your end-of-lease responsibilities, including paperwork, fees, and more.
  • Purchase Your Leased Vehicle. You've decided that you like your vehicle so much that you want to make it permanently yours! Our team can set you up with a vehicle purchase agreement, complete with an affordable price.
  • Extend Your Lease Agreement. Are you waffling a bit on what you want to do for the long haul? A temporary lease extension could be just what you need. Talk to us about an extension, and we could adjust your agreement to give you more time with your vehicle.

Exchanging Your Vehicle

One of the benefits of leasing vs financing is the shorter term of the lease. This allows you to drive a new Nissan more often for about the same payment. Whether your lease is 12, 24, 36 or 48 months, you can bring it here to Kenosha Nissan and we will help you not only process the vehicle you are returning, but help you select a new Nissan as well.

Our leasing specialist, Rob Garcia [] is happy to answer your questions and help you pick out a new Nissan to lease. This is a great way to continue to enjoy the latest technology, newest models and the newest, most up-to-date safety features. And, if you like the vehicle you've been leasing, you can always purchase it at reduced, pre-owned rates. Rob and Kenosha Nissan are happy to help you with both options!

Returning Your Vehicle

When you return your vehicle, it's important to remember that you do not need to return it to the dealership you originally purchased it from. At Kenosha Nissan we have helped Nissan drivers who leased their vehicle North of us in Milwaukee and South of us in Waukegan, IL. Regardless of where you leased it, we are happy to help you return it and take the next steps, whether that's leasing a new Nissan vehicle or purchasing your currently leased vehicle.

Before bringing your vehicle in, contact Rob Garcia at 262-891-3457 or at and they can walk you through a couple steps to make the process simple. A few of the things he will help with are: wear/damage examination, contract fulfillment, odometer reading, collection of owner's manual/keys, and, of course, what new Nissan models you like! Remember, you do not need to return your vehicle to the same location you originally leased it from. Kenosha Nissan is ready to not only help you return your current vehicle, but also help you find your next Nissan lease. We will handle all of the documents with Nissan, you just need to handle the keys to your new Nissan vehicle!

Upgrade to a New Nissan Lease at Kenosha Nissan!

Would you like to know more about your end of lease options? Or maybe you're curious about the options we have waiting in our new Nissan inventory? One of the best ways to end your current lease? Upgrading to a new Nissan model and a new Nissan lease!

Give us a call today and let us know what's going on. We'll answer your questions, talk to you about the documentation you need to end your lease and fill you in on our current Nissan offers.

At Kenosha Nissan, It Is That Simple!

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