In a lineup full of top-quality SUVs, the Nissan Pathfinder is an immediate standout. A midsize SUV built for high performance, every new model hits the road with a powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine. High ground clearance and a rugged chassis design likewise make it perfect for the adventurous driver looking for a versatile new model.

Worried that might not be enough? Nissan has something even more special available. Take a look at the Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek edition.

What is the Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek?

If your favorite destinations lie off-road, the Pathfinder Rock Creek might be the SUV for you. All-terrain tires, 18-inch alloy wheels, and an all-terrain tuned suspension leave it well-equipped for “go anywhere” driving. Features like an around-view monitor with off-road mode, meanwhile, deliver tools to keep a better eye on your surroundings.

For all the Pathfinder Rock Creek does to be rugged inside, meanwhile, it delivers a plush and refined interior ride. Rock Creek models offer interiors marked by premium materials, special “Rock Creek” badging, and a slew of coveted features, ranging from media technology to assistance equipment and more.

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